Have you ever looked in the mirror and didn’t like what you saw? Have you ever wished that your hair would lay differently or stretch out?

I have. For years I lamented and fought my naturally kinky hair – asking God why did He give me an undesirable mane. I hadn’t yet learned to embrace my coils.

For most of my life, I wore my hair pressed and did not have to worry much about styling my naturally kinky curly hair. Except for the few occasions I had to go to school or basketball practice before I could get it straightened. How I dreaded those times since I did not have a clue how to manage my hair in its natural state beyond combing it out. Fast forward a few years later to starting college at a predominantly white university where I did not have anyone to straighten or braid my hair. This was the catalyst to discovering my natural hair. My relationship with my hair has not always been one of acceptance, but through this journey I have grown an appreciation & pride in my curly roots that I never had growing up. It is my hope that curly girls and guys embrace their natural hair no matter how they choose to style their manes. That is why in 2013 I created an Instagram account dedicated to celebrating curly hair called @CurlyRootss. I like to share haircare tips and converse with those in the curl community. I’ve been wanting to expand the conversation which is why I am now starting a blog.

Apart from loving all things natural hair, I am interested in skin care, self-care, spirituality and being the best version of myself. I am passionate about reaching my highest good and I firmly believe when you know better, you teach others and help them on their journeys. I want to inspire people to love and embrace their authentic selves through this blog.

Walk this journey with me; where we will mostly talk about natural hair, hairstyles, hair techniques, curly roots and, of course, also talk a little bit of self-love, a little bit about transformation and spirituality, a tiny bit of dating, and a whole lot of fun!!!

If this resonates with you, then click follow so we can learn together, teach each other, attain our highest good and be inspired! (Smooches)

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