As I Am Product Review: My Coiling Jelly Results

              There’s a lady at church who has fabulous hair.  This lady’s name is Terese; her curls always look well hydrated and defined down to the last coil.  After complimenting her hair for the nth time, last month she offered to show me her technique.  As a lover of natural hair and a girl who … Continue reading As I Am Product Review: My Coiling Jelly Results

Garnier Fructis Review

Overall Rating: 3/5Value: 5/5Feel: Conditioner & Leave-in Conditioning Cream 5/5 Feel: Curl Treat Shaping Jelly 4/5Moisture Retention: 2/5Scent: 4/5 Last weekend’s wash day consisted of Garnier Fructis products. I first used Garnier Fructis back in college when I colored my hair and needed a color-safe shampoo. Last month while shopping in Rite Aid I saw … Continue reading Garnier Fructis Review