Summer Shine: Four Steps to a Glowing Complexion

We’re a few weeks away from the beginning of summer - a time to show our summer glow.  But how can we achieve a ready-for-the-summer complexion?  I am often asked my face care routine which is basically the same year-round with the exception of products. My daily face care regimen consists of 1) cleanser, 2) … Continue reading Summer Shine: Four Steps to a Glowing Complexion

Garnier Fructis Review

Overall Rating: 3/5Value: 5/5Feel: Conditioner & Leave-in Conditioning Cream 5/5 Feel: Curl Treat Shaping Jelly 4/5Moisture Retention: 2/5Scent: 4/5 Last weekend’s wash day consisted of Garnier Fructis products. I first used Garnier Fructis back in college when I colored my hair and needed a color-safe shampoo. Last month while shopping in Rite Aid I saw … Continue reading Garnier Fructis Review