Summer Shine: Four Steps to a Glowing Complexion

We’re a few weeks away from the beginning of summer – a time to show our summer glow.  But how can we achieve a ready-for-the-summer complexion?  I am often asked my face care routine which is basically the same year-round with the exception of products.

My daily face care regimen consists of 1) cleanser, 2) moisturizer, 3) sunscreen, and 4) exfoliate/mask.

  • Morning: Wash face with mild cleanser in cold water.  Apply moisturizer and sunscreen.  If cold water is too shocking for your senses, then wash with warm water and splash your face with cold water immediately after. I like Cetaphil Daily Facial Cleanser (I haven’t used their facial moisturizer but I would try it since I like their body lotion); Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturizing Lotion (but I do not like the SPF as it leaves a whitish tone on the skin); and Jurlique Sun Specialist SPF.
  • Night: Wash face with a heavier cleanser in luke warm water, tone and moisturize.  I rarely use toner, but it helps to tighten the pores and relieve oily skin.  So if oily or acne prone skin is a problem area for you, then use toner daily.  I use African Black Soap to cleanse and witch hazel to tone.
  • Twice per week:
    • Exfoliate – either with a pad, sponge or scrub.  I like a simple homemade scrub of brown sugar, olive oil and essential oil for an aromatic and therapeutic effect.  You can also apply yogurt for a gentle exfoliating effect.
    • Use a face mask to tighten your skin and remove the impurities.  I like clay masks – you can buy the Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay in store or online.  I also like a homemade mask of mashed avocado and olive oil.

Is it worth the hype?

You can also use a device such as the Clairsonic Sonic Radiance which comes with a brush and products to help keep your face blemish free and bright.  My father gifted me a brush a few years ago which feels great on the skin.  I like the adjustable speeds.  However, I think a pad or sponge works well too.  The benefit of using a natural sea sponge is that you needn’t worry about microbial growth as natural sponges inhibit bacteria growth.  Just be sure to rub gently.

Finally, the health of your skin is directly impacted by the pollution surrounding you and the quality of the food you eat.  It’s imperative you combat the pollution by washing your face every night before bed (even if it’s late night and you’re sleepy or drunk take time to cleanse your skin).  Eat a balanced diet (squeeze those veggies in!) and drink water.  I drink water all day long.  If you don’t like the taste of water, then add fruit such as strawberries, lemons or cucumber which will provide extra flavor and benefit. 

Candace’s Commandments for an Alluring Appearance

  • Always wash face to remove makeup and dirt before going to bed 
  • Use cold water and pat face dry 
  • Treat your face like a cashmere or silk sweater.  Do not scrub roughly.
  • Use hands, pad, wash cloth, sponge or brush to cleanse face
  • Always moisturize after drying your face
  • Use sunscreen

May you have glowing, bright skin!  If you’ve found this article helpful, wish it covered other aspects or have any other feedback, kindly let me know in the comments!  I enjoy reading your remarks.

Glowed Up

9 thoughts on “Summer Shine: Four Steps to a Glowing Complexion

  1. abell619 says:

    I always appreciate your skincare tips! You have perfect skin. I’ve started using cold water like you suggested and it made a world of difference. Every time I stop (usually because it’s so cold I can’t stand it) and start back, I see the positive effect all over again. Oh and same for Cetaphil. I forgot about it and now that I’ve gone back to it, it’s helping my skin. I need an spf, so I’m going to look into the one you mentioned. Thanks!!!


  2. Jacqueline says:

    Hey Candace, thank you for tips, I do all the above but keep forgetting the sunscreen. Thanks for sharing your knowkedge.


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