3 Reasons You Should Keep a Gratitude Journal

The end of 2015 found me tired and frustrated in different areas of my life, especially spiritually.  I felt drained, I knew I couldn’t continue on the same path in 2016.  My friend, Greg, had told me how the movie War Room positively impressed him.  I decided to watch the movie to see what I might gain from it. 

I ended up watching the movie twice and am glad I did so.  The character, Miss Clara, teaches a struggling and stressed out wife and mother, Elizabeth, to fight her battles through prayers.  She encourages Elizabeth to lean on the Lord to solve her problems instead of going at it alone.  That deeply resonated with me.  I was tired of battling my problems alone.  The movie gave me the idea to keep a prayer journal.  I made my journal both a prayer and gratitude journal.  Each day I record what occurrence in the day for which I am thankful and any intentions.  I also keep pages to record answered prayers.  This exercise over the last three years has taught me…

  1. There Is Always Something to be Grateful for even if it doesn’t appear so on the surface.  I’ve lost many people close to me in these last few years and on the day of their deaths I found gratitude for their lives and having loved them. 
  2. Reframing a Situation Can Help You Honor Yourself.  This is closely connected to looking beyond the surface.  The losses we encounter in everyday life – passed up for a job opportunity, break up, car breaking down, etc. – may actually be blessings in disguise.  When a door closes, another one open and it’s all to bring us to our highest good.  Next time you’re feeling bad about a missed opportunity remember that whatever is for you will not pass you. 
  3. God Answers Prayers.  The best part about recording prayers is to look back at the answered prayers.  It is amazing how many intentions are answered that we do not give proper weight to in our day, such as safe travels to destinations or passing an exam. 

Could you use more gratitude in your life?  As a friend termed it, this #negativityfast and #positivityfeast has wonderfully altered my daily perspective.  It’s given me determination and helped ease my emotions when I am angry.  I know wholeheartedly that no matter what occurs in my day I will find an event for which to be grateful.

I would like to know your thoughts, please comment below.

2 thoughts on “3 Reasons You Should Keep a Gratitude Journal

  1. tanesha says:

    I think it is a great idea to keep a journal. I have journaled most of my life and it really does help to write out your thoughts. I include in my journal my prayers, hopes and deepest feelings as if I am talking to God. This is a mental health practice that I recommend to anyone and it helps to clear your mind.

    Happy Journaling!


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