Exercise + Hair: 3 Tips for Staying Fit

April is National Black Women’s Health Month. This observance was created to raise awareness and promote healthy lifestyles amongst African American women whom disproportionately suffer from heart disease, cancer, and stroke. The goal is to encourage physical activity and oral health care to achieve better health outcomes amongst black women.

An active lifestyle is a key ingredient to enjoying good health; however, our hair can sometimes get in the way.  I have heard plenty of women express not wanting to workout because they do not want to ruin their hair.  I, myself, am guilty of this especially when I wore my hair pressed.  I wouldn’t want to exercise and sweat out my press.  I grew to realize this was backwards thinking as your health should always come before your looks.  Truthfully, you do not have to choose between the two: you can have both an active lifestyle and a magnificent mane.

I grew to realize your health should always come before your looks. 

  1. Choose a hairstyle that suits an active lifestyle. This may mean adopting a natural hairstyle or wearing braids to allow you ease of maintaining your hair. I choose not to wear my hair straight so that I do not have to “touch up” my press during the week thus risking heat damage.
  2. Create a care regimen based on the frequency and intensity of your workouts. If your workouts leave your scalp drenched, you will want to cleanse scalp more frequently. Choose wash days that sync with your work schedule.
  3. Consider wearing a wig if time does not permit you to style your own hair. You can keep your hair braided and protected underneath the wig.

Now that you have these tips how will you celebrate National Black Women’s Health Month? Perhaps you commit to walking or running three to four times per week. Maybe you add one serving of fresh vegetables to your meals. Please comment below with your ideas for embracing a healthier lifestyle.

Me playing catch during a lunch break last year

2 thoughts on “Exercise + Hair: 3 Tips for Staying Fit

  1. Vanesa says:

    Yes! I had to stop straightening and cycling. My hair always would get drenched around the back of the neck and tangle. My natural hair in a loose braid works great. Sunday after 27 miles I left my braid down and my best friend was impressed how good my curls still looked with great volume!!

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