Eating + Hair: 3 Tips for Staying Fit

April is National Black Women’s Health Month.  This observance was created to raise awareness and promote healthy lifestyles amongst African American women whom disproportionately suffer from heart disease, cancer, and stroke.  The goal is to encourage physical activity and oral health care to achieve better health outcomes amongst black women.  All April I will post articles related to black women’s health.

             I saw a meme on Instagram that said something to this effect: You’re either fighting disease or feeding it.  I wholeheartedly agree.  The food we eat today will impact us for years to come; therefore, it is important to establish healthy eating habits.  Let’s eat for vitality.  Below are three tips to keep you and your mane fit.

  1. Measure Your Water Intake.  Is your urine yellow and foul smelling?  If so, that’s an indicator that you are not drinking enough water.  Experts vary on the ideal daily water intake; I aim to drink a half gallon of water per day.  I keep a 32-ounce mason jar at work that I fill up twice each day to help me reach my water intake goal.  I also have a Camelbak water bottle that I carry with me to work, road trips, and exercise dates.
  2. Review Your Diet. Are you eating your colors, fatty fish, and protein? For a long, luscious mane eat food rich in Omega 3s, protein, iron, Vitamin B and C such as salmon, avocado, spinach, strawberries and eggs.  Eat fruits and vegetables with various colors including red, purple, green, yellow and orange.
  3. Plan to get hungry.  Don’t be caught unaware when hunger calls.  Keep healthy snack options such as pumpkin seeds, cashews, seasonal fruit and vegetables on hand.  I love keeping tangerines on hand because they are easy to carry, peel and can satisfy a sweet tooth.

Have you already incorporated some of these tips into your lifestyle?  What’s your favorite go-to snack for when hunger strikes?  Please comment below with your experience with establishing healthy eating habits.

A dinner of stuffed avocados on a bed of lettuce

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