Skincare Regimen: It’s Summertime and I’m Too Self-Conscious to Wear Shorts

We’re officially at the beginning of summer, with the rise in temperature it’s inevitable that we’ll wear less layers and show more skin.  Although summertime may signal happy images of vacations, ice cream cones, and swimming pools, for others the feeling of anxiety creeps up as thoughts of baring more skin surface.  How can we feel comfortable in our skin?

I have asked myself this question many times.  I have cellulite, little deposits of fat that have built up in the skin giving it that cottage cheese appearance, and feel self-conscious when I wear clothing that showcases my legs. Thus, I researched how I can lessen the appearance of cellulite.  Although there are creams and lotions on the market such as Nivea Firming Lotion, the best way to build firmness in the skin is to build up the muscles in the legs through squats, scissors and other leg exercises.  These exercises use body weight to build the muscles which decrease the fat in the skin. 

Lymphatic node brushing is another tool that can aid in the disappearance of cellulite and encourage healthy blood flow and a healthy immune system. (I say “can” as the jury’s out on whether this method truly reduces cellulite.)  Should you choose this method, please note that it’s best to brush in the morning and brush towards the heart.  Brushing may not only reduce the appearance of cellulite; it also provides exfoliation and boosts immunity (cheers for a double win!)  Using a stiff bristle brush, brush your skin two to three times weekly.  Although the massage benefits of brushing are nice, you must be able to endure the stiff, hard bristles running across your skin.  I find it somewhat painful, so I opt for alternative methods of reducing cellulite.  If you are sensitive, then lymphatic brushing may not be for you. Wellness Mama has an informative article on her blog regarding brushing if you’d like to read more about it.

Most importantly I think it’s crucial for us to accept and love ourselves as we are.  We should embrace the aspects of our physical appearance we’re less crazy about while we take steps to improve those aspects of our appearance that are within our control.  I think there’s a danger to having constant dissatisfaction with one’s appearances as it puts us on a hamster wheel inevitably affecting our self-esteem.  Therefore, I say do what you can and what you must to have confidence and feel good about your looks AND love yourself as you are right now.  Do not wait to love and embrace yourself at a future moment, do it now.  As for me, I’m going to complete body strengthening exercises more consistently during my workout.  Afterall, how can I feel bad about something I am not actively working to change?

Are you actively working to improve or maintain your physique?  What are tips you can share?

Post Blog Note: I love and appreciate the tribe of women in my life who affirm me when I have brought up this insecurity.  My best friend said, “If he wants the thickness, then he better appreciate everything that comes with it.”  My college friend and her girl friend told me this past Saturday: Psh, girl we all have cellulite.  It’s not a big deal. The girl friend texted me yesterday: “Just a reminder that you are gorgeous and if it’s hot outside today, you should show off those beautiful legs! Shorts all day!”  While you affirm your beauty, surround yourself with friends that affirm your beauty too!

4 thoughts on “Skincare Regimen: It’s Summertime and I’m Too Self-Conscious to Wear Shorts

  1. darcellsr says:

    Well written article from top to bottom. I admire how you identified a “problem” and came up with solutions to “fix” it. All too often people identify what they consider “problems” with their outer appearance but lack the confidence to address their “problems”.

    Like you said, accepting ourselves for who we are and loving ourselves in the process is key.


  2. Darryl Davidson says:

    Great stuff Candace! I think it is natural to be self conscious . I like your attitude. You are Beautiful inside and out.


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